Fixed defects:

  • Trigger session quality changed event if one session quality subject changes #60.


New feature:

  • Error handling rework (#54, #55, #56)
    • The factory method AnalyserFactory.createStreamingAnalyser was reworked and throws now an error if an invalid url is passed.
    • A new VayErrorType.securityError is introduced to communicate if an invalid api key was received.
    • A new concept was elaborated to define in what cases the error callback is called and when an exception is thrown. The reworked documentation can be found here.
    • The coverage of different error cases was heavily improved. For example cases like no connection established, invalid exercises keys or implementation errors on the server are now communicated with an appropriate error type. All covered error cases can be found here.



  • Updated the documentation regarding image size and compression. Removed the limit of 15kB per image request. (!39).


New Feature:

  • Add VayFeedbackImportance to VayFeedback to categorize every feedback by importance (#53).


The Session Quality received an overhaul (#52)

  • The middle category was renamed from poor to ok, leading to the three categories bad - ok - good. Note that this change requires you to adapt your code when updating to the newest version.
  • We added a new category none, which is present in the beginning, when we are not yet able to give a good estimate about the quality. This should take a couple of seconds.
  • Improved our estimation and increased the stability.

Please check out the newly created page about Session Quality, where you can find more information.


New Feature:

  • Add onActivity callback to the VayListener protocol (#44). The provided event data can contain a VayRepetition or a VayAttempt.


Fixed defects:

  • Ensure the session quality is not always BAD #41
  • Internal restructuring and clean up after upgrading to newest protocol (!22)


Package updates:

  • Adapted to a new internal protocol to the motion analysis service (!21)


Key features:

  • Allow to pass timestamp of image capture time with VayAnalyserInput. Please make use of it for better performance. #15
  • Enable to create analyser with additional parameter to pass a user name (userExternalId). #29
  • Access to a unique session id in Analyser.sessionInformation.sessionId #27
  • Provide all body points that have to be visible to reach the exercise starting position, as well as the last estimated pose. Both within the Analyser. #32

--> For the last two points please check our documentation about Analyser properties.

Package updates:


New Features:

  • Detailed documentation about session state !12
  • Updated to VUP 1.6.6, see VUP changelog

Fixed defects:

  • Real time feedback in listener onFeedback #21
  • Updated SessionState #21
  • No duplicates in MetricValuesEvent #23


Fixed defects:

  • Wrong package archive structure
  • Motion structs fields not accessible


A first stable version of the Swift API is released providing event data in all events of the Listener and a functioning Analyser to configure movement analysis sessions.

New Features:

  • Introduce Listener (#2, #6, #7, #8)
    • VayReadyEvent
    • VayPoseEvent
    • VayMetricValuesEvent
    • VayFeedbackEvent
    • VayRepetitionEvent
    • VayErrorEvent
    • VaySessionStateChangedEvent
    • VaySessionQualityChangedEvent
  • Add streaming implementation for online analysis providing the functionality to register listener, enqueue inputs and stop the analyser. (#3)
  • Swift API documentation. (#4)
  • Provide access to package implementation versions. (#20)
  • Provide field if returned body point is accurate. (#10)
  • VUP 1.6.3 is embedded in the Swift API. (#14)

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